Commercial and Business Loans

Commercial and business loans cover a variety of loans available to businesses and come with varying interest rates and repayment conditions. Depending on the type of loan, these loans can be structured where:

  • The full loan value is withdrawn at one time and then repaid in regular amounts (i.e., an up-front basis)
  • The loan repayments are determined by the amount of the loan that has been drawn down (i.e., an on-call basis)

Our experienced team can help you arrange lending using any of the various types of commercial and business loans available, including:

Commercial Property Loans that are designed to assist you with major investments such as securing a premise from which to run your business or a long-term commercial property investment. As with home loans, there are a number of features and options with commercial property loans such as fixed rate loans, which give you the certainty of fixed month payments, or variable rate loans, which allow you to reduce repayments if needed.

Lines of credit or overdrafts are often used by businesses to cover day-to-day operational expenses.

  • Lines of credit are usually secured against property which means that the interest rate is likely to be lower than that for an overdraft; however failure to make payments will place the secured asset at risk of repossession.
  • Overdrafts are usually unsecured, but are likely to offer a cheaper interest rate than a credit card. Overdrafts allow businesses to draw on an account balance up to an approved limit, are highly flexible, and are commonly used to fund smaller capital requirements or day-to-day operational expenses.

In order to qualify for a commercial or business loan you will need to show the following:

  • You are running a registered business.
  • You can demonstrate that you can easily repay the loan, by providing documentation of your business' financial history and assets and liabilities, including any other loans.
  • You can provide security for the loan, in the form of either residential or commercial assets.
  • You can benefit from Perrier Ryan's experience and knowledge to secure commercial or business loan options that meet your business requirements in the short, medium and long term.
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